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Blot on the landscape by John Kelly.

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Published Thursday, October 24, 2002

John Kelly's most recent work on view at the exhibition that never was Yarra Array (3rd - 13th October 2002).

Hot red enamel spray painted over a bronze sculpture sitting on a shiny stainless steel base, Blott on the Landscape is very striking. To many it will be a quirky, but attractive inverted image of Australian culture - a kangaroo with a donut. Others may see a reference to the Ozco logo and in retrospect the drip feeder for Australian cultural life could do with a humorous if pointed reference. The piece is beautifully finished and shows how John Kelly’s work is the complete realization of converting ideas about Australian cultural life into a material form. This continues a theme in his work that has made cows, horses and now kangaroos beautiful, humorous and powerful commentaries on our cultural aspirations.

Which ever way you look at it, the latest work by John looks exciting and full of meaning for not just the art going public but the bureaucracy as well.

By Martin Shub

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