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John Kelly on review at the McClelland Gallery + Sculpture Park, 2006.

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Published Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Kelly's choice of classic Australian cultural icons into abstracted artistic both challenges the public to understand the nature of the transformation - is he paying tribute or undermining the original object?
John Kelly: Deconstructing Australia is the second in a series of sculpture exhibitions located within the grounds of the Sculpture Park. This outdoor exhibition consists of a series of monumental abstracted-steel elements which are derived and developed from truncated sections of the Australia logo. The logo consists of a stylised kangaroo and circular sun motif. Blot on the landscape was first publicly exhibited in Australia in Yarra Array, October 2002.

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John Kelly, in the spirit of Post Modernism, takes various fragments of the logo which he sections off and abstracts into massive monoliths. These superbly sublime constructions, through their intriguing arrangement, form and enigmatic visual landscape within the natural landscape.

Interpreting Kelly's intention in transforming his subject is rarely aided by his titles, with the exception of Blot on the landscape. Much of his sculpture and painting reference classic Australian cultural icons in which he challenges his audience's knowledge and understanding of the significance of the referenced object as well as his interpretation.

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Kelly demonstrates a sharp wit and sometimes he chides our cultural tzars for their stranglehold on disbursing grace and favours on our artists. However, he has been a major beneficiary of collectors' favours both here and in Europe and deservedly so.

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