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Gertrude Contemporary Gallery - May 2011

Published Friday, May 27, 2011

Feedback Projected (Proposals Towards an Exhibition) - Forum Discussion

Gertrude Contemporary is pleased to offer audiences the opportunity to engage with our current exhibition of collaborative and performative works Feedback Projected through a public Forum Discussion on 31 May, 6pm.

Curated by Helen Grogan Feedback Projected (Proposals Towards an Exhibition) presents the practices of six European artists working with sound and installation forms in collaborative and responsive ways. The five-week project adopts the exhibition format as a frame and departure point for a series of installations, performances and discussions that overlap in time.

The exhibition adopts the concept of feedback, employing live processes to investigate the relationships between the artist, artwork, exhibition context and the viewer. In the simplest sense, feedback is defined as both the process in which part of the output of a system is returned to its input, and also a response to an inquiry or experiment. Feedback is present in each work in Feedback Projected (Proposals Towards an Exhibition), whether it is technical, physical or communicative.

To date the exhibition has framed a revolving series of projects inlcuding The Input / Output Routine, consisting of an arrangement of microphones, amplifiers, and loudspeakers by Koen Nutters and Morten J. Olsen(29 April-4 May,) Fields, a new piece by Morten J. Olsen and Koen Nutters featuring local musicians Samuel Dunscombe and James Rushford, which was performed on 4 May as well as an off-site performance by MoHa! at Dear Patti Smith Contemporary Art Space, Fitzroy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM-nKPLltlU ) on 29 April, 2011.

Currently installed at Gertrude Contemporary, is André Avelãs (PT/NL) Earphones, a live installation work in which five hundred sets of earphones are rigged to create a field of sound across the floor of the gallery, generated through the feedback between earphones configured as both speakers and as microphones.

As part of a five-week working period in Melbourne, Avelãs has developed a new project-responsive work, presented simultaneously in the gallery space with earphones for an overlapping period prior to the de-installation of earphones. This work functions as a system of translation whereby the existing power sockets in the gallery walls are directly connected to speakers amplifying the frequency from the buildings power mains (50 hz). Clusters of electronics and cables are coupled in pairs with oscillators on the same frequency that indicate the buildings frequency.

The Public Forum on Tuesday 31st May invites contributors from across a range of fields, to unpack questions and ideas generated throughout this project. Further information will be made available on the Gertrude Contemporary website.

Feedback Projected (Proposals Towards an Exhibition) is supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL., Besen Foundation and has received support from the Sound Studio, School of Art RMIT University. Special thanks to Tanzplan Essen 2010.

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